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Meet Your Instructors

Your Math Instructor. Jeremiah Dyke

Jeremiah Dyke is a native of Shenandoah Valley where he resides today with his wife and two beautiful sons. In addition to Teaching Mathematics at LFCC, Jeremiah is the Owner of ALC Recycling, Founder of Hands On Math and author of the children’s math book “Journey Through The World of Numbers”. His leisure’s include lounging with his family, technology, reading and conversation of substance.

Your English Instructor. Jenni VanCuren

Jenni VanCuren is a proud graduate of LFCC.  Since then she has returned to fulfill multiple roles at the college, including teaching English Composition and American Literature, working in ACE’s Writing Center, and co-advising for the PTK Honors Society.  When she is not on campus, Jenni enjoys reading, watching football games, and strolling in the outdoors.